Schere Schrift Papier

The company was formed during my studies at the FH Joanneum in Graz, Austria, with four lovely classmates. We named ourselves «Schere Schrift Papier», referred to the game «Rock, Paper, Scissors», since we used two of this three components in our daily work.

Beside creating our own corporate identity we accomplished varied projects like an installation in public space and the concept of
a chronicle book. One day we also pitched for a job
commissioned by the town hall of Graz. The task was
to create a campaign, which should present the term
«Social» in the proper light. We evolved three approaches
including a logo, a slogan and a communication concept.

© 2011
project work FH Joanneum,
virtual company

in cooperation with
Kathi Auferbauer, Lisa Weishäupl,
Gudrun Becker, Sophia Pieber

Corporate Design/Identity,
Website, Concept