Sind wir nicht alle
ein bisschen Bio?

Since the introduction of ecological goods to the grocery trade, «organic» has become affordable for most people. The sales have been growing continually and so has the amount of biological products; more and more producers bet on the boom. As a means of guidance, in order to hamper fraud and as a marketing tool, quality seals have been introduced. The vast amount of certificates with various meanings, however, causes confusion rather than transparency among the customers. In my bachelor thesis, I try to bring light into the darkness of quality seals and certificates and to give an overview of the most important markets and sectors.

The paper examines the origins of the organic-trend, its
development and its current impact on marketing and advertising.
In this context, commercial abuse and its inhibition are assessed.
Primarily, however, the paper aims at raising the level of
awareness: of the depletability and scarcity of resources,
of distributional injustice and – as a consequence – it aims at
encouraging reasonable consumption and the courage to change.

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